What We Like
1. Put simply, or maybe vaguely, we know what we like when we see it. Surprise us.
2. We like writers who take their work seriously.

Submission Guidelines

1. Submit your work electronically only. We do not consider those mailed to us, and frankly, find that kind of creepy since we don’t list our address on this site. No stalking.
2. You can attach an RTF or a .doc file or insert your text into the email. You will get an auto-reply from gmail confirming that we have your submission.
3. Please do not submit more than 1 fiction story, 1 non-fiction story or 3 poems at the time.
4. We have a limited amount of space and a high standard of quality, so please submit only your best work. If you submit your work elsewhere, please let us know immediately if it is accepted so we can pull it from consideration for publication.
5. We will respond promptly and not tie your work up for months. Also, just because we don’t select a work doesn’t mean it isn’t fine work — it could just be that it is not for us.
6. We acquire first North American rights and the right to publish your story in our anthology. After publication, all rights revert to the author. Please let us know if you are submitting to other publications at the same time, and notify us immediately if you are withdrawing your work.
7. Please include a SHORT biography note with your cover letter. If your work is selected for publication, we may ask for addition details.
8. We will respond very promptly.
9. Email your submissions to
10. Be sure to check out for more resources and submission tracking for authors.

Thanks, we look forward to reading great stories.

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