What the Fiction Journal is a labor of love — love of well-crafted stories, love of reading and love of publishing. We want to see the best work of writers on our pages, whether those writers are world famous or never-before-published. Our plan here is go slowly, because most of you know that “labor of love” is often code for “very time consuming and money losing venture.” This is not about money, it is about art.

Our short term goal is to have relatively short submission periods for flash fiction, short stories, poetry and creative nonfiction, and to publish our issues online, on a quarterly schedule. We’d like to grow into adding an annual “Best of” anthology and eventually have regular printed issues for our subscriber base. As we grow, so will this website.

Original artwork for the first issue is underway, and we may eventually open that up for submissions as well.

The Journal
Our first issue will be published in early 2012. We’ll begin taking submissions in the Fall of 2011 — check here for when our reading period begins. Our short range plans are to get up and running without spending all of our lunch money; our long range plan is to offer a printed anthology in a “Best of ….” format at the end of each year.
Anyone who can create is welcome to submit; just make sure it is your best work and that you follow our guidelines. We will only take online submissions and only then through our submissions process; work submitted any other way will not be read. We acquire first North American rights only, and happily release them back to the author after publication. Nothing would make us happier here than to see a piece that first appears here end up in a great big famous anthology somewhere.


Michael Brantley is the Editor of WTF. He is a writer and photographer from Nash County North Carolina, and have been published since 1985 when I started working for local newspapers at age 15. Credits include Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine, Fiddler Magazine, The Banjo Newsletter, Professional Photographer Magazine, Our State Magazine, Carolina-Virginia Farmer, Business North Carolina, Tuff Stuff, The Raleigh News & Observer, The Rocky Mount Telegram and The Nashville Graphic.

I’ll be adding others to this list soon as more pieces in production are actually published.

I can be contacted at editor@whatthefiction.com or at 225 West Washington Street, Nashville, NC 27856.

Dean Marshall Tuck is a writer of fiction, an advisory editor for Tar River Poetry, an English instructor at East Carolina University www.deantuck.com.  His work has been featured in Zone 3, SmokeLong Quarterly, Night Train, Fringe Magazine, and in Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine.

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