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Holy Cow! Talk about growing pains

We started What The Fiction in 2011 with the idea of a little journal publishing fine writing on its website. That quickly evolved and advanced and took more time and we added some bells and whistles and we got some nice writing that we published. We also got some nice writing that we didn’t publish, because it was just simply not the type of thing we were looking.

Issue #2 went from a blog format to a nice looking piece published on Issu. Be sure to check it out on our website.

Then, the website got a major facelift. It looks a lot better than the original version

Shortly after that, we opened an account with Submittable, a fantastic submission system for organizer, reading and responding to submissions.

And then, we got our first major growing pain.

Somewhere in all of this action – which of course, the Editor does on the side while working and finishing a terminal degree – Gmail and Godaddy stopped talking to each other. The editor wondered what went wrong. Why, all of a sudden, did no one want to be published in WTF? After all, the journal was listed with the NC Poetry Society, on Duotrope, on the NC Writers Network, and various other writer-friendly sites.

As it turns out, people had been emailing and submitting. We just didn’t know.

We found out when Duotrope got us signed up for an interview. They said they sent an invitation. We didn’t get it. So, the Editor spent an hour or two tweaking kicking around and then clicked and edited and reset all of WTF’s accounts. Voila! We got a dump of 661 emails. All at once. We won’t say how many submissions were in there, but it will take uh, some time, to sort through them all.

So, we’ve been sending emails, and apologies. The Editor is used to apologizing, but 50 in one day had to be some kind of record. And that’s not all.

The good news is, the bugs are worked out and we love to read. So send us stuff! Issue #3 will be out in the next 30 days and we’re already reading for Issue #4 which will feature book reviews for the first time. We’ll have an official Book Editor announcement soon, and we’ll post that here and on the website.

Thanks for following us, and hang in there with us. We’re just getting started.

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