Jessica Cory on “Upright”

While wandering around a cemetery near Grimesland, NC, I took out my trusty journal and began to sketch the position of the headstones, trees, and integral parts of the microcosmic landscape. In doing this, I noticed that two headstones, one belonging to Georgia Joyner (b. 1934, d.1968) and the other labeled as James Wooten (b. 1897, d.1975). I took a photograph (attached) of these memorials, lined up like Stonehenge in their perfection, and the image reminded me of how children stack dominoes perfectly in line so that they will fall according to plan.

With this idea, I noticed the dates on their headstones. Obviously these two wouldn’t have been children in the same decade, but both lived in times when dominoes were common toys. And thus the writing process began…

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